Don't let your running fitness melt away this summer!

To stay in good run shape and be ready for fall race training you need to:

  • Run
  • Strengthen
  • Cross train
  • Address nagging injuries

Coach Amy will address each of these subjects in separate posts.

You need to R-U-N to be a better runner, so once you've recovered from your spring race, accept the heat and humidity and get out in that soup or you will fall short come October. To learn more about PB's free summer runs go here.

Your pace will be slower as you adjust to the "beautiful" Kansas summer so don't even look at that Garmin during your run. Instead listen to your body and adjust your pace according to effort. Take 30 second walk breaks if you need to. You will adapt in about 4-6 weeks.

Stay hydrated! This is where PB organized long runs are so helpful. PB aid stations are every two miles.  If you get chill bumps, headache, dizziness: STOP - your run is over for the day. Go here for important information about running in the heat.

Up next...strengthening.